One Trillion Dollar Spending Cuts

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The WSJ has an article about Ron Paul’s idea for spending cuts [subscription needed]: One Trillion Dollars. With a ‘T’. Clearly, Ron Paul isn’t going to be winning any presidential election any time soon. So let’s look at this proposal not based on politics or anything like that. Instead, let’s look at this as a policy issue which needs to be discussed.

Let’s start with this basic point:

The fact that we can cut 1/60th of the World Economy from the Federal Budget, and have an ostensibly negligible impact speaks volumes about our spending levels. What does it say? That we have such an incredibly bloated and obscenely expensive government, that serious reform is needed. Very, very serious reform.

Let’s all agree on that point and work forward from here. I have a feeling we all agree on a lot more than we think.

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