You Are The 100%

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Wouldn’t it be great if the government treated all people equally? Regardless of race, sex, religion or wealth, every person was treated equally. Equality after all, is something to be pursued. I believe that (and I’m not fact-checking this, but it sounds right) all of the movements that have any lasting impact on society have been in favor of equality. (Don’t forget this guy!)

Let’s think this through though. If we are all equal, we all have to pay equal taxes. I don’t mean “the rich have to pay their fair share!” or “let’s tax those poor people into oblivion!” or anything like that. Those may seem like really, really good ideas. In fact, for knee-jerk reactions, those are some of the best. In the long term, however, they really aren’t sustainable. So let’s go with a tax that is moderate. Not 30% and up, and not the 2 or 3 percent that people would really like. Something like 9 or 10 percent income tax, and that’s the same of everyone. We will call it the leveled tax.

If we are all equal, we won’t be guaranteed to succeed. Let’s met aphorize this quickly. You are in a football game. 4th quarter, the score is 45-14. Team A (winning team) is tired, but they are going to win, clearly. Team B is equally tired, and demoralized. All of the sudden, Team C shows up, tag teams Team B out and then proceeds to crush Team A in the last quarter. Fair? No. Same with government bailouts. Regardless of who you are, you aren’t allowed to be bailed out. If you fail, you fail. If we’re all being equal, then let’s truly be equal.

Now, my favorite part. The thing no one really considers. If we are all equal, then we should all get the same amount of welfare out of the system. You might be thinking, “hey, he wants to make poor people starve and shoot the homeless people in the streets! You can’t get rid of welfare!” You would be right (about the ‘can’t get rid of welfare thing, not the shooting people in the streets. This isn’t Canada! We don’t do that in America!). My suggestion is that instead of having welfare only for poor people, and for people who are having a hard time, that we also have government checks sent to retirees. But you can’t take out more money than you put into the system. That’d be fair. So Warren Buffett gets out of the system exactly what he put into it. I’m not a scale, but that seems fair in my book.

Why do I bring this up? Because beyond all of the idiocy that is the 99% movement, and all of the really stupid people they are associating themselves with, I hate the name. It drives me crazy. Sure, it is catchy, and sure, it is good branding. Beyond that, however, it is divisive. It is reminiscent of class warfare. It is not good to demonize the most successful people. It just is a bad idea. But if we were all treated fairly, equally and without bias, we could get rid of the Tea Party movement, and the 99%-ers, and all of the other protest movements going on. Then we could be the 100%. Something to consider is that you are the 100%. 100% of the population pays 100% of the taxes. 100% of the population eats up 100% of welfare. 100% of the population is 100% of the population.

A guy can dream.

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