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I’ve decided to start writing with Ommwriter. It is phenomenal. I mean, it is truly amazing. The basic premise of the application is that it brings you into the zone of writing. It combines aesthetically pleasing background images, turns off notifications on your computer, makes the app fullscreen, turns on some pleasing and melodic music and has a cool typewriter-esque feature.

Altogether, you might think that the application is more distracting than not. However, I have used it for a few posts and a few longer form emails (and the occasional letter), and I have to say that it is staying basic. That’s not to say that there aren’t features (or feature-lacking) that I have some gripes about, because it isn’t perfect. However, it really does do the job of bringing you into the zone of writing. Cuts away all of the distractions that a computer provides, and creates a nice channel between you (the writer) and the screen (the writee?).

My primary gripe is spell check. I am pretty good at spelling and grammar, but I commit the rare mistake of the typo. On my Mac (running Lion), there is autocorrect on everything. It is great, because I always mess up the spelling of weird and wierd. I don’t know why, but that is the way it goes. So for most applications on my computer, it changes the spelling around. Which is awesome. Because I can’t tell you the number of times I have sent an email or tweet and realized I spelled weird wrong (really, I can’t, because I don’t count those kinds of things. Who does that? Freak (317 times)). Does Ommwriter do that? No. Not only does it not have autocorrect enabled (a rather unobtrusive feature), but it has no spell check capabilities.

I understand the rationale behind this move better than most. Having a squiggly line underneath words is distracting. Irritating, even. However, I think I have come up with a nice balance. Have the application be as-is now. No spell check, no squiggly lines (maybe autocorrect, because that really wouldn’t hurt anyone). Then, have a button on the screen which fades away like the rest, and, when the writer is done writing, he or she can click the button and nicely presented spellcheck goes through and shows the errors and fixes them.

Other than that minor gripe, the application really is superb. Kudos to the team. The only other suggestion I have is related to the typewriter-esque feature. In case you are unaware, this feature makes a little clicky noise every time you press a key. Every time that is, expect for when you hit the backspace key. It really is lacking to have the backspace key be an empty noise. Hurts the experience, in my opinion. One additional thing, full Mac OS Lion support. The fullscreen is lacking.

That’s it though! Those few things are really minor, and really are not deal breakers. Sure, no spell check means that it can’t be my full time writing application, but it can be my 70% writing application!

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