Last Minute Thoughts on the Apple Announcement Today

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I like to stay in the loop on Apple rumors, and as such, I have followed pretty much everything that has been said about the successor to the iPhone 4. Curved glass, 4G, Samsung embargoed. Every rumor that has come out (and even the ones that haven’t), I’ve thought about.

So after all of that information overload, and thinking about it for so long, I have a few points to make on the matter.

1. After a ridiculously long time without a release of a new phone, it would be absurd for Apple to only release a minor upgrade to the iPhone 4. If it was June, I’d let it go, because there would still be time to release another one before the holiday season. Or to release something else before November. But as of right now, there is exactly one Apple event for the rest of the year, and it is for the iPhone. So it has to be a big announcement, or the fourth quarter numbers will be dismal. I’m looking at an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4S and possibly and iPod Touch with contract-free 3G (maybe even Sprint 4G, who knows). That being said, it is entirely speculation. I don’t know what the hardware is or isn’t, but those are my guesses based on basic deduction.

2. iCloud will be big. As will iOS 5, AirPlay and Newsstand. These will all have their own time to shine. I don’t think this event will be so much about showing off individual applications like iMovie and GarageBand, but instead it will look at the package deal of iOS 5, the three screen strategy that Scoble posted about, and Newsstand.

3. Apple will have brought all the content players in line. After such a long wait in between events, it would be a great disappointment if Apple hasn’t brought the content creators in line with its strategy. Movies, TV Shows, and Music are already in Apple’s camp (mostly). All that has been left are the print publishers (we still call them “print” publishers, how quaint). I expect there will be major deals to announce that bring together all of the major publications, and they will all be featured in the Newsstand.

4. Dark Horse: Facebook. Who knows what is going on here. I think that Facebook may release Project Spartan, or something else entirely. Who knows, and frankly, who cares. Whatever they team up with Apple to do will be massively successful. Not just because it is Apple, but because you have two companies that complement each other perfectly. Social strategy and phenomenal design. Perfect combination. Throw in 800 million users and you have a smashing success.

Those are my thoughts for today. I guess we will find out in a few hours what is what.

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