The Key Difference Between Us

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Many people are saying that when we killed Osama, we did it wrong. We either killed a bunch of unarmed people, or we wrongfully invaded a sovereign nation, or we should have captured him and put him on trial at the International Criminal Court.

Each of these points is either wrong or irrelevant, but I let them slide. Then something happened: people started to compare us to them. They began by saying that the killing of unarmed people is just as bad (or worse? somehow?) as what they did to us on 9/11. Other than that being ridiculous to anyone with any modicum of intelligence or understanding of logic, it’s not constructive in any way.

All of that being said, I will respond to their arguments about our own immorality by pointing out one fact that was disclosed about the raid. (Okay, two facts.) The first: we didn’t drop a bomb on the compound, even though it would have been far safer and our stealth helicopter wouldn’t be in Pakistani hands right now. Why? Because there would have been too many civilians killed. The second: during the raid, two children ran out in front of the SEAL team, and the SEALs took them out of harms way. This is something that would have never, ever happened if the roles had been reversed.

That’s what distinguishes us from the bad guys. We all do wrong things, but we don’t do them on purpose. They do.

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